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January 2, 2011

Happy new year to everybody. Today is a perfect day for riding, I remembered the ride we had from last year, what a contrary, it was 15km head wind, and 0-1 degree celcius, we had 10 people all together, today we had perfect weather. We met at 6th and Commercial, then we took heather all the way to Canada line to Richmond, from Richmond we took VanHorn Way to Garden city, then we turned left on Westminster Hwy to Tugboat Annie for lunch. After lunch I decided to go home via Queensboro Bridge.

November 28, 2010

Rusty Anchor

With all the bad weather we had for the last couple of weeks, we all anxious to ride. Today the weather is supposed to be sunny all day 2 degree Celsius in the morning and 5 degree in the afternoon. The weatherman is way off again, we were fooled. Because of supposed to be a sunny day, we decided to ride to Rusty Anchor for lunch which is next to the Deas Tunnel on the south side. We met at Commercial and six, then we crossed Queensboro Bridge and Alex Fraser Bridge to River Road, then we sprinted all the way to Rusty Anchor, it was the only way to keep yourself warm. After lunch we took the same route home, the difference is a lot colder. One of the member decided to take the bus home in Ladner, and one had a flat right on Alex Fraser Bridge. In the picture are Graham, Victor, he is with he eyes close, Bill in the foreground, he is the one who bailed out on us, Ann and Dave are on the left outside of the picture. Sorry I could not take better picture, I do not want to bring the heavy camera, so I brought the old point and shoot, it died after 3 pictures. Anyway I did 68km today. Here is the link to the GPS route http://www.siforce.net/bike/rusty-anchor-11-28-2010/

November 18, 2010

24hr relayYeah! I know! It has been long overdue to change the front page of this site. With the recent hype on HTML5, and the support on flash or lack thereof, it gives me a lot of incentive to rewrite the site with HTML5 instead. For those of you do not know what I am talking about, don't worry! It is just IT mumbo jumbo. If you have visited my facebook recently, you probably find out I have been riding my bicycle a lot this summer, every Saturday and or Sunday I ride with the Vancouver Bicycle Club members, Saturday ride is supposed to be leisure rides, it is average 40-50km, Sunday ride is a bit crazy, it is average 60-100km. I have not been taking much picture these days.Last Saturday I ride 40km and Sunday ride was not a long ride, we met at the coffee shop on Commercial and 6th, we started riding along the seaside all the way up to UBC, and then we ride along marine Dr. to the Japanese Restaurant on Granville and 64th for lunch. Afterward the leader and myself was supposed to ride over the Canada line to Richmond, and ride home via River Rd to Queensboro, he was not feeling well, so h went to catch a bus home instead. I decided to ride home by myself; it was windy, and cold, it was definitely not enjoyable! I did 60km. Here is the link to my GPS route map http://www.siforce.net/bike/ubc-11-07-2010/. If you are using IE9, you have to turn on the compatibility view, otherwise the route will not show up. Another bug in IE9? maybe! It is still beta anyway. Now that I do not have to worry about the coporate mumbo-jumbo, I have lot of time to renovate this site. you'll still find a lot of Lorem Ipsum text fill in, it is just to take up space for now, I'll update them slooooowly. The above picture is Natasha Kaweski, she is one the star of the '24 Hour Relay for Kids', I did a very rewarding photoshoot for them in June!